Horror Short Movies Contest – Boulogne Horror Show 2020

Boulogne Horror Show is a cinematographic event in France. It screening horror films and making horrific animations during Halloween night. This year, we will allow foreign directors to compete in a short film competition. Six short films (3 FR shorts and 3 international shorts) will be selected and broadcast during the event. The public will have the heavy task of voting for the best of them.


To participate in the competition, you have to simply register online via the contact box below. The short film must have been produced after January 1st, 2018 and must not exceed 15 minutes. Contest rules to read here.


The submission from below must be completed before July 1st 2020
The official selection will be available online, on the festival website www.cinemaclubfr/bhs2020, as of august 2020.
The film selected will be screened during the event on october 31st 2020.

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