ENGLISH [INTERVIEW – FEBRUARY] Mark Patton – Nightmare on Elm street part 2.

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Hello Mark, you are Jesse Walsh in the second installement of « Nightmare on Elm street ». What does it feel to play in a success franchise ?

It is very exciting to be a part of the NOES Series, really to a part of film history. I guess I will always be Jesse Walsh and i love that. Plus the money is pretty good!

Why did you auditioned for the role ?

It was my job to audition, Actors audition for almost anything that the agent sets up for them. I had auditioned for the Original NOES so I did not have high hopes. By the way did you know that both Matt damon and Brad Pitt auditioned to play Jesse in NOES2?

Some scenes in the film imply that NOES is a gay remake of the original. Are you agree ?

The Gay issue of NOES2 evolved over time, it was not meant to be a Gay remake of the first. NOES2 has its own style and you have to remember there was no fanchise at this time… just a second movie. The writer now admits that he added the Gay subtext for his own enjoyment and the set decorator joined him in his joke (Probe Game etc). I am very proud of NOES2 and I think it is a fantastic movie.

You make a lot of Scream queens’s tour around the US continent. Your fans follow you. What does it feel to share your souvenirs with your fans ?

I love traveling with The Screem Queens… Heather and I have a lot of fun joking and of course I love PJ Soles as Carrie is one of my all time favorite movies. I just love the fans.

What is your best souvenir in the set ?

I own all my props from NOES2 but my favorite thing is my memories and my friendship with Kim Myers (Lisa).

I learned that you became a talented designer. Tell us why this changement of carreer ?

I hated the homophobia in show bussiness, I did not want to waste my life pretending. There is only so much a person can take..at the time 1980s, being Gay was a huge problem if you wanted to be a star. I always give everything my best and I wanted to be a Star. I became a star in another busines and it allowed me to see the World and be myself.

Do you think come back on the big screen?

I have just finished starring in a new film..It is called Night and was filmed in Berlin and Bosnia.

What do you think about the evolution of the American horror movies in the 2000’s and the wave of the « torture porn » genre.

I do not like torture porn horror. I love to be scared and haunted, not repulsed. I really hated the scene in Saw were thee sweet girl was hung upside down and hacked to death. This stuff goes on in the real world, children are raped, women murdered for fum..i do not think we need to cheapen it by making these films..people think it is a joke. In my town, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico the police are looking for a 13 year old boy..they believe he has been kidnapped for his body parts..this all strated as an urban ledgend in the 80s, now it is really happening. That boy is really gone. So I think we should all think about what we support in Films. I am all for expessing youself but i take a stand in what I chose to see.

Freddy haunts you yet?

Freddy does haunt me, he will be apart of my life forever. We in the NOES family know Charles Fredrick Krueger better than anyone in the World, for us he is real..we know him on a very real level..I hope you get a chance to read my series Jesses Lost Jounals on Facebook of at Static Mass. I still dream of Jesse and Freddy and most likely always will.

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ENGLISH [INTERVIEW – FEBRUARY] Mark Patton – Nightmare on Elm street part 2.